Christine Dixon art
​​​  ​Christine Angelotta Dixon Fine Art​​

An artist may have the ability to paint people but a good portrait identifies and captures both the likeness and soul of the individual.

​​General Pricing

  • Sketches/watercolor studies (14" x 18" - 16: x20") $700 and up
  • Oil Painting: Head and Shoulders (16" x 20" - 18 X 24") $3,500
  • Oil Painting: Half Figure with hands (18" x 24") $5,500
  • Oil Painting: Three Quarter to Full Figure $7,500 and up

Add 20% to the prices above for each additional figure. Travel, framing, tax and shipping expenses are in addition to the prices listed above. Prices may vary due to complexity of the background requested. A signed contract and a deposit of 50% is required prior to beginning the portrait. The balance is payable upon acceptance of the completed work. If needed, I am willing to set up a payment plan with the client.  I do try very hard to work within your budget.

The portrait process begins with a free consultation between the client and I at an agreed location. Theme, setting, size and praticulars of the portrait agreement are discussed at this time. If the client decides to commission a portrait, I will then hold one or two photographic sessions lasting no longer than two hours at the location that will be used as the backdrop for the painting (subjects [those who I will be painting] will need to be present at this time). After the photo sessions, a few photos are chosen by client and artist, to use as references for the painting. I may also do a quick portrait study (sketches) to practice rendering the subject(s). With the client's approval, I then begin the painting process in my studio. If possible I may also conduct one last portrait session where I paint the subject live on location. This is most desirable as much clarity can be obtained by the artist when work is done from life. This is an optional session that will depend on convenience of all involved.

An approximate date of completion is given after conducting the photo session.  Generally portraits are completed three to five months after I begin the portrait but more time may be needed if there are multiple subjects. Please write or call me with any questions you may have.